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A great service coupled with a great price makes it a mouthwatering deal, which is why Janitorial Service Pros offers affordable services that do not break your wallet. This means irrespective of your budget, you can still get a great customer experience from employing our services.

A Few Words ABOUT US

Whether one-time cleanup or recurring commercial cleaning services, we’ll be glad to lend our professional help  in VA.

At Janitorial Service Pros, we boast of offering quality, reliable, and thorough cleaning service. We carry you along every step of the way irrespective of how simple or complex the cleaning process is. Our great service, in return, ensures that you have the peace of mind that comes with occupying a cleaner and fresher space.

In line with that, we understand that you may be a family person with a  busy schedule to work with already. For this reason, we lend you a helping hand given that every member of our team strives to serve others as a way of life.

Janitorial Service Pros places a lot of importance on maintaining our reputation. And as such, it has enabled us to offer high-quality work to our customers. To make this possible, we pay great care and attention while cleaning and avoid rushing through it. We also have the right team and high-end equipment. A combination of both of these ensures that the cleaning is done on time, accurately, and to the best of our capability.

Most importantly, these are premium house cleaning services that do not bind you to a contract. All that is required is a simple agreement on the price, cleaning schedule, and specifications. It may also be worth noting that you can cancel the service whenever you want, especially if you’re unsatisfied with the level of service we offer. The latter has been put in place to give you confidence in the great cleaning service we offer each time. We also work based on your schedule without missing an appointment. Hence, you can get back to handling other tasks you have for the day.

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10+ Years of Experience in Cleaning Service

Before we start… All of our cleaners are thoroughly trained on how to perform each cleaning task, as well as on important safety issues. Our goal is to clean each customer’s facility professionally and safely. 

During the start… We know a seamless, no-hassle start-up is important to every customer. So at Janitorial Service Pros, we combine up-front preparation and training with strong management and direction to ensure a smooth, successful startup. 

After the start… A systematic approach to keep your building looking good! At Janitorial Service Pros, we offer strong management and quality control to plan for and not lose track of the many necessary cleaning details. We look forward to the opportunity of becoming a trusted and valued partner in improving and maintaining the appearance of your building.