Our Services

A great service coupled with a great price makes it a mouthwatering deal, which is why Janitorial Service Pros offers affordable services that do not break your wallet. This means irrespective of your budget, you can still get a great customer experience from employing our services.

House Cleaning

Our quality home cleaning services come with a promise of leaving your home speck free. Whether it's been days, weeks, or months you've used a vacuum, and you already detest the sight and work that comes with it, it's no problem. The same goes if you can no longer see your couch, coffee table, or chair due to how much stuff that is on them.

Janitorial Service

Janitorial Service Pros offers high-level service to its customers while at the same time paying special dedication to their needs. Our team of cleaning experts gives extra attention when cleaning your home to ensure that it meets your dirt-free standards.

Office cleaning Services

Office cleaning becomes easier when you rely on Janitorial Service Pros. The reason can be tied to the fact that our services are tailored to cater for various cleaning needs you may have in your office. What's more, we've provided an easy and stress-free process of contacting us to book and pay for your cleaning services.

Post Construction Cleaning

Asides from the usual cleanup, we take it one step further to offer services that will enable you to maintain a clean and serene environment. In that regard, we ensure that routine areas and those that have been specifically requested are tidied properly.

Window Cleaning

If your windows are squeaky clean, they present your home in the best light. For this reason, Janitorial Service Pros takes the extra time to offer professional home window cleaning services each time you entrust us to. When it comes to cleaning the windows in your residential premises, the activity is carried out manually and with the use of special equipment. The goal is to leave your windows clean and guarantee satisfaction.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Janitorial Service Pros offer exceptional service in the area of floor cleaning, Carpet cleaning...etc. What's more, we give more focus on areas that are often skipped by a good number of cleaning services.